Separation Processes

Extensive experience in designing , simulation & trouble-shooting of separation systems like Multicomponent Solvent Recovery Systems, Azeotropic Distillation, Reactive & Extractive Distillation, Pressure Swing Distillation, Liquid-Liquid Extraction System, Absorption Column, Stripping Column, etc.

Extensive experience in designing & working of column internals like Structured Packing, Random Packing, Tray-Bubble Cap Valve etc.

Designing and commissioning of various columns & internals based on technology from world renowned in the field of Distillation technology like Sulzar India.

Reaction Modeling & Optimization

Based on available plant data or reported data in literature Reaction Modeling is done. We do Design Of Experiment to generate kinetics data in lab, Design of CSTR & PFR as per modeling data, Moving from Batch process to Continuous process and vice-versa.

Reaction modeling helps in predictions for yield improvement, quality enhancement, waste reduction & byproduct reduction as per kinetics & thermodynamics, process parameter optimization, value analysis for potential cost saving.

Process Simulation

For Existing Process

Modeling of existing system from complex plant to piece-meal operations models as per plant data &/or data from literature &/or lab generated data, and large database of simulator gives most effective method for benchmarking process parameters, yield and quality improvement across production process, identifying bottlenecks & potential improvement area.

Holistic view of production process with virtual model gives a way for experimentation without any investment and modification in actual plant.

As per simulation and our years of experience, suggestions will be given on modifications with minimum investment for debottlenecking, yield & quality improvement. waste & byproducts reduction, energy saving, ease of operation etc.

For New Processes

Designing of equipment and cross verification as per simulation.

For new processes requiring multiple reactions and operations a simulation is often necessary to breakdown a complex process in piece-meal operations for controlling, designing and parameter setting for most effective plant scheme.

A use of simulation model facilitates user to use ready to use PFD interfaces for convergence and consistency of data, allowing user to do forward & back calculations with multiple variables. Process simulation gives a way for effective modeling for equipment designing, parameter setting, troubleshooting etc.

Corporate Training


Through our extensive work in field of simulation & understandings of its utilization for process engineering along with our years of practical knowledge, we have come up with an effective structured course to bridge the gap between theoretical data of simulation and usage of it for a practical approach in problem solving.

We have given this course to many reputed consulting firms and manufacturing industries.

The course is customized as per need of an industry like Bulk Chemical, Oil & Gas, Fertilizer, Pharmaceutical, Polymers & Specialty Chemicals etc. (Details of course will be given if requested)

Basic Engineering

PFD & P&ID development, Equipment and Process Datasheets preparation as per ASME codes, Pump Calculation (Head, Power, NPSH), Process Safety Valve sizing and selection as per API-520 code, Control Valve sizing and selection, Line sizing and numbering, Line list preparation etc. (Details of course will be given if requested)

Basic Engineering Package

Design Basis, Process Description, Production and Consumption Numbers, Optimized Heat & Mass Balance, Process Flow Diagram (PFD), Piping & Instrumentation Diagram (P&ID), Pump Design, Control valve & Safety Relief valve Design, Equipment Process Datasheets (PDS) Instrument Process Specification (IPDS) Equipment List and Line List, Utility Flow Distribution Drawings, Plot Layout, Conceptual Layout etc.